Power Your
Music Business

Revelator offers a digital asset and blockchain-based distribution platform to power rights management, digital supply chain, and royalty payment settlement for global creative IP.

Experience a more open, transparent and efficient creative industry

Leading independents in the music industry build and run their digital business on Revelator. Learn how our products and solutions help artists, record labels and distributors perform in today's environment, accelerate digital transformation and drive growth.


Automate Workflows

From rights management to distribution or reporting, experience speed, accuracy, lower costs, and reduced business risk.

Accelerate Payments

Transform your royalty obligations into faster payment cycles with the artist wallet.

Grow Your Business

Our platform scales with the growing demands of streaming data.

Accelerate Your Growth With Revelator™ Pro

A comprehensive digital asset platform to manage all creative IP in one place. Revelator sits on top of your existing distribution setup, connects you to your streaming data and financial reports, amplifies and accelerates your team’s reporting and royalties workflows.

Automate Global Payments with The Artist Wallet

Register creative works, manage splits with collaborators, receive royalties as they are generated, and get paid directly to a digital wallet.

Build Your Application with the Revelator API

Say goodbye to inefficient, outdated legacy systems. Power your applications with our API. Leverage our cloud computing, serverless technologies, big data and machine learning stack.
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