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See how the world's top distributors are growing their business with Revelator.

Scale your business with ease

Revelator helps you extend the value you provide to your creators and partners by leveraging data and cloud technologies to increase operational efficiencies, and produce fully transparent, real-time reporting to your clients.

Power any business model

Revelator’s data infrastructure solutions power some of the biggest distributors in the industry. From supply chain to reporting workflow management, the Revelator enterprise suite provides a best-in-class end-to-end solution to scale your distribution business right from the cloud.

Whether you have your own direct deals with DSPs, participate in Merlin deals, deliver through CI or FUGA, Revelator can plug-in to any part of your digital business workflow and provide an all-in-one integrated data infrastructure to help you run your business more efficiently.

Revelator can be positioned within any part of an existing technology stack. Revelator’s robust APIs allows for turn-key integrations to complete white label implementations of our web applications running on your own DNS, and data warehouses.


Revelator’s intuitive user interface makes managing a large catalog with thousands of rights holders simple, fast, and efficient, enabling greater control over what you’ve delivered, issuing metadata updates or takedowns, insuring quality control with the metadata inspector, licensing cover songs and managing your distribution queue.

Revelator’s integrated data management tools makes it easy to manage and consolidate all of your monthly or quarterly revenue and financial reports as well as your daily trend reports from all the major digital platforms. Revelator supports over 800 reports via either flat file or web service. Just connect to a data source and let Revelator do the heavy lifting of ingesting your reports automagically, and visualizing your sales & trends data in our powerful analytics.


From rights management to royalty administration, Revelator makes it easy to set up contracts with rights holders, and track royalty splits for digital products across distribution channels, and territories.

Revelator’s royalty accounting solution provides both album-level and track-level accounting, and supports complicated splits to multiple rights holders on any asset.

Easily create royalty runs and generate statements for all of your payees. Deliver monthly royalty reporting by email or invite your artists and label partners to your Revelator distribution portal to access their accounting, and analytics on the web or mobile.


Revelator™ Pro
Distribution & Delivery.

Leverage Revelator Pro's digital supply chain to increase operational efficiencies in distribution or delivery to all major platforms, and produce fully transparent, real-time reporting to your clients.

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