For Everyone

The new standard in transparency for the music industry.

Be a great partner

Easily share dashboards, statements and analytics with rights holders. Enable artists, managers, labels, publishers and collaborators or contributors to get on the same page with greater transparency and trust.


Increase transparency.

Embrace digital transformation, and provide your rights holders with real-time access, greater visibility and granularity into their financial and consumption data.

Build trust.

Improve relationships with rights holders by being a great partner and offering greater value in a competitive digital marketplace.

Improve communication.

Easily share usage and financial data with everyone involved in the chain of rights, including artists, writers, publishers, managers, agents and administrators.

Reduce churn.

Gain a competitive advantage by offering rights holders better access to their data. Improve retention and eliminate the risks of losing them to competitors.

Reduce support calls.

Eliminate unnecessary friction and spikes in call volume due to lack of transparency or questions arising from poor access to information in reporting and royalty distributions.

Ease of use.

Provide rights holders with an enjoyable and efficient user experience in querying their statements in detail and visualizing their data with a new level of business insights.

Revelator™ Pro
For Rights Holders.

Enable anyone in the chain of rights to access their financial and consumption data on web and mobile.


for everyone.


Enterprise ready.

Enable rights holder portals to all your label partners, artists, managers and contributors. Enjoy a whole new level of efficiency.

Branded portals.

Launch a white label platform and offer portals with your brand identity, custom URL, favicon. Send branded communications to your users.

Team management.

Invite both internal and external members to your teams. Get everyone in sync on what matters most.


Set multi-tenant access levels and permissions for assets, rights, distribution, analytics, and accounting.

Dynamic views.

Manage who is granted access to labels, artists, releases, tracks, and payees. Easily share dashboards, statements and analytics with partners based on their permissions.

Data security.

Rest assured your data is secure in your VPC, AWS or Azure cloud infrastructure. Export your catalog, assets, rights, financial reports and statements any time you want.

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