Your Data

Cloud data infrastructure for scaling digital business operations.

Supercharge your data

Handle billions of music micro-transactions online with efficiency, and scale. Experience next generation performance for your data collection, processing, and analysis.


Easier data management.

Easily manage your data with greater speed, efficiency, and scale. Collect, process, identify, match, enrich and consolidate consumption and financial data in one environment.

Built for scale.

Extract, transform and load all of your enterprise data in near real time. Get more value out of your current data and tools by plugging them into our integrations and APIs.

Speed up data processing.

Ingest large volumes of data efficiently with Revelator’s best-of-breed cloud technology. Decouple storage and compute resources to sort, query and analyze big data in real-time.

Reduce infrastructure overhead.

Streamline your data operations with Revelator’s database optimizations to improve big data analytics performance and reduce cloud infrastructure costs.

Rapidly accelerate operations.

Connect to cloud data sources and web services, and let Revelator do the work of ingesting and consolidating all your daily and monthly data feeds, from all major platforms & music services.

Secure, and highly available.

Improve data protection and security with a reliable, cloud hosted environment for collecting and processing your data in a completely new way.

Revelator™ Pro

Ingest large volumes of data efficiently with Revelator’s best-of-breed cloud technology,

Data challenges

Meet our solutions.


Data connect.

Connect to cloud services and Integrate your data directly into Revelator. Benefit from Revelator’s data connectors and exporters designed to simplify the data infrastructure to support analytical workloads and enhance user experience.

Data flow.

Automate your data pipelines from APIs, apps, databases and even spreadsheets. Ingest large volumes of data efficiently with Revelator’s best-of-breed cloud technology.

Data processing.

Process reports from Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and many more via API or FTP. Revelator’s processing layer transforms and enriches your data, helping you turn raw files and spreadsheets into rich insights.

Scalable compute.

Handle an exponential volume of music transactions online with elastic scalability for user analytics with the benefits of parallel processing, data clustering and auto-scaling.

Data warehousing.

Enjoy scalable, safe and secure cloud storage of all your digital business data in your VPC, AWS or Azure infrastructure.

Big data infrastructure.

Data collection, ingestion, processing, and infrastructure work together to make it easier to truly understand your data. Power better business decisions with smarter data.

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