About Revelator™

We are transforming the way the copyright industry generates value from data. We believe in efficiency, simplicity and transparency. We are inspired by the opportunities of a digital marketplace based on trust.

Our Story.

Revelator was founded in 2012 by music industry veteran Bruno Guez. Backed by a team of seasoned music industry and software development professionals, Revelator is a leading provider of data services for today’s digital business.

Revelator’s cloud-based data management platform addresses the challenges of processing, reporting and analyzing large volumes of data, and solves the problems of transparency in royalty distributions to copyright owners and creators across IP verticals. Revelator’s industry leading end-to-end solution, helps enterprises to generate more value from their data, while enabling their rights owners to manage their assets, rights, and data with unprecedented simplicity and efficiency in an easy-to-use web and mobile interface.


Revelator’s infinite computing cloud architecture, leverages big data, AI and machine learning to collect, process, identify, match, enrich and analyze consumption and financial data from over 800 digital services to produce accurate reporting and visualizations to rights holders and deliver actionable prescriptive insights. Revelator’s suite of APIs power digital businesses of all sizes from distributors to record labels, music publishers & rights societies.



Revelator in numbers.

790,500,460 Transactions each month
128,090 Rights holders
918,932 Assets
136,087 Releases distributed

Our Team.

Bruno Guez Founder & CEO
Yosef Adest COO
Alain Prasquier CTO
Yair Segal Director of operations
Boris Kaminsky Product owner
Sarah Shama Software Developer
Yael Levy User Experience
Nikita Pekarchuk BE Team Leader
Roman Yermilov Backend Engineer
Maxim Ivaschenko DevOps/System admininstrator
Valery Lyatsevich Senior Front-end Developer

Our Board of Directors.

Bruno Guez
Jean-David Benichou
Jonathan Kalman
Eliezer Brender
Javier Fainzaig
Yaacov Ben Yaacov

Our Advisors.

Chris Blackwell Founder, Island Records
Chris Ancliff EVP, EMEA Warner Music Group
Rob Wells CEO, Music Media Inc.
Tom Ryan CEO, Pluto TV
Omri Dolev Founder Lev Media Group
D.A. Wallach Artist Entrepreneur

Our Investors.